Free from being bound to a style, ignoring boundaries, relaxing or moving to groovy beats – that’s ALIVE&SILENT. Lovely synth sounds and real guitars are rocking alongside, gently intercepted by a piano, opening up just so many facets of electronic dance music. Expect groundshakin‘ basses, fat drums, dreamy and wonderful melodies – or monotonous floorfillers. Emotion’s on!

Alive&Silent music can be found on all popular online stores and streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music / iTunesGoogle Play, Shazam or Beatport.

Those were the days:

[Preview] Alive&Silent – Wracked But Proud EP
[Preview] John Miller – Tornado (Alive&Silent Remix)
[Preview] Wavetraxx – Stay (Spring’s Reverb Mix)
[Preview] Arbonite – Respect (Spring’s Reverb Mix)
[Preview] John Miller – Ipanema (Spring’s Reverb Mix)
[Preview] Formel DJ Team – For An Angel (Spring’s Reverb Mix)

…what makes A&S sound the way it does:
My first contact with music was in the 90s, when all over Europe that happy kind of dance music came up: nonsense text, catchy melodies, just party. Around 2000 I encountered Marco Guardia, the best electronic dance music producer ever, in my opinion. It’s never been so sad to see a passionate musician quit. Responsible for the huge success of Flutlicht and SHOKK, he inspired so many musicians out there. Some time later, Sean Tyas stepped up, kind of combining Guardia’s style with a Paul van Dyk-ish sound. In fact, his music is pretty much what I’d have loved Guardia to sound like nowadays. Let’s not forget there’s two guys from my home country going strong for more than a decade: Cosmic Gate… have been in love with their great melodies and drums ever since. Finally, I have a great passion for a much different musical area: piano-heavy and emotional film music by geniuses such as James Horner or Jerry Goldsmith feels like an impossible monument to live up to, but I’ll certainly try babysteps.